Wierzynek is a very special venue that takes you on a culinary journey in time through Polish customs and traditions. The origin of our restaurant dates back to 1364, the year in which a splendid and abundant feast took place in a  tenement on the Main Market Square in Krakow.

It is a historical fact that king Casimir the Great in order to prove the wedding reception of his granddaughter Elisabeth and the emperor Charles an outstanding event, invited guests who belonged to the great world of medieval politics – European monarchs such as Louis of Hungary, Valdemar IV of Denmark, Peter of Cyprus and scores of European Princes and Aristocracy.

Mikołaj, a wealthy merchant and the councilor of Cracow became a host of this event. He undertook the task with great care and overwhelmed his noble guests with a truly lavish welcome. The tables were groaning with food and drinks and the guests celebrated for 20 days and nights, not only in the tenement chambers but also on the Main Market Square. Upon departure, the generous merchant presented each guest with a splendid gift – gold and silver tableware. At the Wierzynek Restaurant we continue this great medieval tradition of feasting until the present day.

Wierzynek Restaurant, as one of the oldest in Europe, is famous for its old Polish cuisine and care for royal court customs. Having in mind the magic of this place, we celebrate the legend that made our Restaurant somewhat a symbol of Cracow. The inspiration which we draw from our historical tradition to give the same royal welcome to each of our guests.

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